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    Java memory (RSS) keeps increasing and then hangs JVM

      Hi ,

      I have a java process running on Solaris , I keep noticed that RSS keeps growing over the time and when it reached around 1.6g then JVM gets hang. It is 32 bit vm ..

      And when JVM hangs it dosent throw any OOM and CPU usage is also normal, but after getting hang i am not able to connect Java process with Jconsole/visualvm.. Even thread dump is also not allowed. This scenario re-occurs in 12-13 days,

      I looked into the heap memory, but heap memory dosent grows and is near about 100m for old gen.

      Apart from this when i took the heap dump, file size is just 28 mb, why the dump file size is soo less?

      Please tell me how get this solved.

      Thanks in advance