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        We aren't doing any type of streaming right now. We are looking for a solution to replicate the data across. It would be at the table level though.

        you can do it without db link

        but its mean that you you will need to set the SCN
        for the first_scn in the capture and in the apply

        what kind of streaming are you doing ?

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          Hi Brum,

          I have a downstream capture set up on a database with no database link to the source. This can be achieved by implementing downstream capture.
          If you have a dblink, there are things that are automatically done by Oracle but in this case you will have to take care of the following tasks:

          -You will have to manually move the archivelog logs to the destination
          -You will have to run the dbms_streams_adm.build procedure at the source and get the first scn number, which will be the starting point for streams
          -you will have to create the capture process using dbms_capture_adm and specifying the first_scn parameter
          -You will have to manually register the archived logs with the downstream capture

          Read the documentation Chapter 'Managing the Capture Process' to find out all the details on how to set this up.

          Let me know if you have any questions,

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            Hi Aldo,

            We have bi-directional schema level replication set between 2 databases with local capture. I had created database links and used " DBMS_STREAMS_ADM.MAINTAIN_SCHEMAS" to setup bi- directional setup. Now while executing couple of tests I found out that on dropping database links the data replication continues to work normally to and fro . I am so confused how this is happening.Can you please throw some light in this.

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              once we investigated available options of doing similar replication at table level, 3d party tools may be very handy to meet these requirements -
              you can check tools such as shareplex, dbmoto, datacurrents

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                Hi Brum,

                We are in the same situation. Did you find a solution? If so, can you please let us know what worked best for you?
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