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    jsf components

      Hi sir
      I have successfully developed first jsf application, i m happy, that you people helped me out,

      I have created jsp page, where jsf component embedded, but some confusion generating in my mind regarding:
      1. hasn't jsp its own components for user interface.
      2. can i get all the functionalities of jsp in jsf so that i could avoid jsp extension.
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          Actually, it is very much recommended to not use JSP at all; in stead you should use Facelets. In JSF 2 it is the default view handler even. You are using JSF 2.1 aren't you? If so then I wonder how you got to the point where you're using JSPs :s
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            Hello Gimbal2
            I m using jsf 2.0 , jdk 1.6, tomcat 7, eclipse helios 3.6..Thank you,,,I will try to use facelets..