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    Purge criteria for RPM tables


      Could you please let me know the purge criteria for Clearances, Price changes and Promos in RPM tables?

      Also, if it is an on-going clearance which has not yet ended, but has already taken effect at the POS, when will these records be purged from the RPM tables. Is it only after the next clearance record comes in or is it as soon as it takes effect?

      In other words, will RPM always retain the latest clearance or price change records in RPM tables or does it get purged after it takes effect (irrespective of whether there is a subsequent clearance or price change).

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          price change criteria
          - deletes price changes that have an effective date that is less than the VDATE.

          - only completed promotions or end date had passed will be deleted. the purge month settings is specified in the rpm_system_options

          clearance must met all 3:
          - clearance whose effective date is older than the clearance_hist_months
          - approved or executed or expired
          - clearance is valid on rpm_future_retail
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            Alan Lawlor
            Please note that the ability to hold promotions after their end date (i.e. keep X months in rpm_system_options) is dependent on our version: RPM 12.0 cannot do this. RPM 13.0.1 and later can hold the promo info for longer.