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    How to change the GUI language to english

      After updating to SQL Modeler 3.1 I notice that the GUI language is german now, corresponding to the local settings of my computer to swiss-german.

      I share the same needas as expressed by Byte64 at FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009:

      While i appreciate the globalization efforts, i feel much better having certain programs with an English user interface for the simple reason that when i need to communicate with someone else who doesn't speak Italian, i can talk about menu entries, settings, button names using a commonly understood language and without having to guess what the original entry in English language could be.

      I have only to add, that the documention is also in english.

      Unfortunately I could not reproduce his workaround. So that old problem is again open at present with SQL Modeler 3.1.

      Can you please tell me how to change to software to use english menues communication.

      regards LPNO