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    Profiling a standlone java class with VisualVM


      I have written a java class which contains an infinite loop which throws an OutOfMemoryError , I want to profile this Standalone class.
      public class OutOfMemoryTest1 {

      * @param args
      public static void main(String[] args) {
      ArrayList<Object> list = new ArrayList<Object>();

      try {
      while ( true )
      list.add( new Object() );
      } catch ( OutOfMemoryError e ) {
      // And we are done...
      System.out.println("the exception is:"+e);



      Hence i am using VisualVM which is under jdk1.6.0_16. I am using Eclipse launcher for VisualVM for that java class by doing the below:-

      Run as -> Select the Visual VM launcher as supposed to Eclipse JDT launcher. Which detects the respective file in the VisualVM explorer.
      I am able to get the profiler tab as well as other tabs like overview,monitor,threads. But when I click the profiler tab and select the
      "Memory" button , I am getting a popup which contains "Connecting to the target VM" with the status : Profiling started and Progress bar
      is going on..on..on. But it is not stopping what might me the problem here. Because of this I am unable to profile the respective java class.
      Please clarify.