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    Issue in invoking the webservice on EBS 12.1.3

    Vasantha Achari

      We are using R12.1.3 version of EBS. We have developed the custome PL SQL logic and deployed it on the Integration repository. Generated the WSDL and Deploy process were successful on IR. Authentication type used was "Username Token". Created the necessary user grants.

      When we try to invoke the webservice from SOAP UI, we are getting below error:

      <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
      <faultstring>oracle.apps.fnd.soa.util.SOAException: ServiceProcessingError: System Errornull</faultstring>

      Also, we checked in the log files and found below entries.

      <MSG_TEXT>An error occurred for port: SOAProvider: oracle.webservices.provider.ProviderException: oracle.apps.fnd.soa.util.SOAException: ServiceProcessingError: System Errornull.</MSG_TEXT>

      <MSG_TEXT>Unable to determine operation id from SOAP Message.</MSG_TEXT>

      Can someone help me in this issue? We are successfully able to invoke the same webservices on R12.1 version but getting an error in 12.1.3 version!!!

      Thanks in advance.

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          Try seeing the log messages after doing the following setup in the instance :-
          1. Telnet to environment
          1. In $INST_TOP/ora/10.1.3/j2ee/oafm/config/oc4j.properties
          1. Add following property at the end of the file : SOA_ENABLE_STANDALONE_LOGGING=TRUE
          2. Bounce oafm container using script $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME/adoafmctl.sh
          3. Perform any SOA specific action like generate.

          SOA specific log would be created at : $INST_TOP/soa/SOALog.log

          This file should show you the exact error happening.