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    Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Oracle/Sun  Ops Center on same box?

      Hello, tech community -- we have an environment where we need to stick Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) into our management infrastructure. This is a small deployment, so we would be initially looking at putting the OMS and Repository (DB) on the same box. Based on the [Oracle 12c doc's requirements|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25054_01/install.1111/e22624/preinstall_req_hw.htm], that would be:
      - 2 CPU cores
      - 6GB of RAM (OMS=4GB, Repo=4GB, I averaged it to 6GB)
      - 60GB (OMS=10GB, Repo=50GB) -- To be safe, I'd up it to 128GB or 256GB

      We already have a (recently upgraded) server holding Oracle (formerly Sun)'s Enterprise Manager Ops Center. So the question: Is it possible to run an  Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) console & repository and Oracle/Sun Ops Center on same box? Anybody have experience in this regard?
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          I thought I'd update the thread with progress/discussion, but was hoping for more community input.
          We're aiming to put OEM within it's own zone inside the main box housing Ops Centre, for containment and segregation.

          I asked for 12GB of RAM -- is this OK for a repository, OMS and a management agent all on the same zone? Recall that it's a small deployment.

          Also, wondering how much hard drive space should we budget for when we're only collecting for about a 20 databases/hosts/listeners, with data retention for about a year.