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    ORACLE CPUJan2012 (Available) x CPUAPRIL 2012 (Unavailable) - 10GR2

      Hi all,

      I was wondering if anyone here has the same doubt and would like an oficial position/documentation related to the following below:

      Oracle CPU for 10GR2 - It is our knowledge that based on the support matrix, the oracle database 10Gr2 is considered backlevel from July 2010 (Premiere Supports Ends). For this version, Oracle provided a free fee usage of 1 additional year, so Premiere supported wnet up to July 2011.
      Based on this information above, It were notified by Oracle that CPU JUly 2011 was the final patch for the and newer CPU patchs would be only possible for the and with extended support contract.

      Now, what is the big point here: Following this line of thought: The CPU October 2011 is unavailable (Ok, needing the extended support), BUT the CPUJan2012 is available for download and does NOT requesting Extended Support, and CPUApril2012 is again unavailable requesting the extended Support ?

      . Does it is related to the SCN flaw identifyed in January ?
      . There is any oficial documentation that states why the CPUJan2012 is available for download ?