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    putty fatal error


      I am vey happy that I could solve most of my Linux related problems through OTN.Now I face problem while accesssing my OEL5.5 through putty the error message is "Network error : Connection refused. I can ping the machine but only the access throgh putty gives this error message.Could you please help me to solve this issue.Thanks in advance
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          It's look like sshd not installed or not started.

          yum install openssh-server
          chkconfig sshd on
          service sshd start

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            What is the result when you go to the server's console, open Terminal and type "ssh root@localhost"?
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              Thanks for support. I installed open-ssh server.When I started as service ssh start, it ended with error message stating that " touch: cannot touch '/var/lock/subsys/sshd : no such file or directory". Could you please help me on this issue.

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                OEL 5.5 comes with openssh-server installed by default. It should not be necessary to manually install, setup and start the ssh daemon.

                What have you installed and how?

                And what is the output of:

                yum list openssh-server
                service sshd status
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