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    Require urgent help: TNSLISTENER process

    caesar dutta
      Dear Sirs:

      Before I say the problem let me detail the environment.

      <1> Oracle 10G R2 (2 node RAC) running on RHEL 4.0 Enterprise for Inter Itanium.
      <2> Monitoring script in cron:

      >>if test *`ps -ef|grep tnslsnr |grep -v "grep" |wc -l` -ne 1* then
      >> echo "Date : "`date '+%m/%d/%y %X %A '` >> $ERRLOG
      >> echo "Details :"`ps -ef|grep tnslsnr |grep -v 'grep'` >> $ERRLOG
      >> echo " " >> $ERRLOG
      >> echo " Listener on host `hostname` on may be down. Require immediate attention" >> $ERRLOG
      >>     echo " " >> $ERRLOG
      >>     mutt -s "$SUBJECT" emailid@domain_name < $ERRLOG
      >>     exit
      >> fi

      <3> Client made calls saying that application is running slow
      <4> Found alert generated from the above

      I then went and checked the listener log and sqlnet.log. I also rotated the listener.log since the size was around 9MB without shutting down the listener.

      In the sqlnet.log I found the following:
      TNS for Linux IA64: Version - Production
      Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux IA64: Version - Production
      TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux IA64: Version - Production
      Time: 14-MAY-2012 19:34:43
      Tracing not turned on.
      Tns error struct:
      ns main err code: 12537
      >> TNS-12537: TNS:connection closed
      ns secondary err code: 12560
      nt main err code: 0
      nt secondary err code: 0
      nt OS err code: 0
      nt OS err code: 0
      This is a perennial problem and happens every month during billing cycle.

      Please let me know what else I should check and how to get rid of this problem. The listener never went down, but becuase of connection refusal the system
      became slow.

      I have no idea how busy the CPU was during the time of alert.

      Looking forward to your help