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    Moving from Mobile server v. to lastest 11g

    Marius H

      We have 2-300 Windows Mobile 6.1 clients distributed all over Norway. We are now moving towards Android, but for a while we will have to support both WM and Android.

      Currently we are running Oracle Database lite (Android client is not out yet).

      How can we migrate to Mobile server 11g with the least effort (for the users)? Do we need to upgrade to first, or can we go directly to the latest Mobile server 11g?

      Our Oracle database was upgraded to 11g ( a while ago.


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          Hi Marius,

          As you are aware Oracle Lite does support the Android Client as well as your current Wm 6.1 Olite Client
          Oracle Mobile Server 11g doe not support the Olite WM 6.1 Client anymore i.e. its desupported but there is a Sqlite & BerkeleyDB Client for Wm 6.1

          I see the best option for you is as follows

          1. Upgrade to and run your current Clients (Olite WM 6.1) against the existing Application

          2. Develop your Android Application in this Repository based on a Sqlite Publication

          3. Deploy your Android Clients when timeframe suits you running exitsing Olite Clients in Parallell

          4. When you have moved ALL your Clients over to Android upgrade the Mobile Server to 11G

          Note that upgrading straight to 11G would mean you are unable to use your existing Olite Wm 6.1 Clients and they would need to be reinstalled with the Sqlite/Berkeley DB Client that is available in 11G.


          Global Support Services
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            Marius H
            Thanks, Richard.

            If we upgrade to, will there be a 'smooth' way to upgrade to 11g on the client side, or will we have to install the SQLite clients manually?

            Our Android app will soon be ready for release, and since each update on WM has caused a lot of trouble (users without any computer skills and limited knowledge of English lang.) we are considering the option to just moving to the latest 11g version directly (have the users uninstalling the Olite client and installing the SQLite client manually).

            In this way we (hopefully) only need one updgrade.

            We would prefer the smooth upgrade, though :)

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              Hi Marius,

              at least we do now upgrade from Oracle lite ( to SQLite (but still in and only way is to reinstall this application. There is no "smooth" way that upgrade will happen during sync process because of many things. Once we will migrate all to SQLite then we consider upgrade server.

              My regards,
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                Marius H
                I tried to install the Olite, but since our Oracle database is 11g, the install stopped with a "Migrate path not supported" message.

                We do actually use Olite with Oracle DB 11g in production now, we tested it for a while and it seemingly works with no issues.

                Is it possible to get to run with Oracle DB 11g, or is it definately not recommended?

                Otherwise I guess we'll just have to go for Mobile server 11g right away.

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                  i cannot help you with your main issue but i can verify that oracle works fine with oracle database 11g. we use this setup in our windows mobile 6.1, 6.5 based clients with no problems on win 2003 systems.

                  the error your getting is probably an update from to migration issue(problem).

                  for information concerning the upgrade you could check
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                    Marius H
                    Good to know, Vasileios!

                    I actually got the error "Migration path not supported" the second time I tried to run the rep-wizard. The first time I got no such message, but the wizard just crashed.

                    We use Oracle RAC with ASM, and it looks like the repwizard cannot cope with ASM. It creates its datafile on one particular node instead of using ASM. We had to do some tidy-up and tried to create the SYNCSERVER tablespace manually on the ASM before running the repwiz again. We then got a bit further, but the repwizard crashed. (The java app "disappeared" in the midle of setup/installation, with nothing useful in the logs).

                    The second time I tried to run the repwizard, I got the "Migration path not supported" message along with references to supported Oracle database versions (!= 11g).

                    Maybe I should drop the mobileadmin schema and go for it again. Moving to would be a lot easier and save me a lot of work this summer (no need to SQLiteyfy the Winmo olite terminals)


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                      Marius H
                      Vasileios, did you upgrade the database to 11g while you were using Olite, or did you actually manage to install with an existing 11g database?


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                        we installed a fresh new oracle then we installed the , our database expert set up the environment correctly on windows 2003 server with java version (java -version)
                        1.4.2_03-b02. then we started installing the patches as they came out (we installed a second java version for those but didnt change the java home so that olite still works with the 1.4.2 version) i think we installed like 5-6 patches (as they came along during the months). when we had to go to a client install or we needed to create a new testing/development server we just copied the entire server from the vmware and paste it into a new server then loggin change the ip manual and we had a new server. this way we could install a customer server in his environment in less than 4-5 hours (actually the copy paste takes like 4 -5 hours and then you need minor adjustments for his domain which take like 5 minutes).

                        our clients are windows mobile 6.1-6.5 our apps are .net 3.5 on intermec and motorola handheld devices(rugged). we had some problems with the unicode characters and the set up for our localized (greek) characters but our database expert set the database with the correct language page (i think it was 1253 for us) and then we set it also on the windows mobile-olite and we got passed that issue too.

                        i know this doesnt help you much but (im not an oracle expert, nor oracle rep) if i were you i wouldnt try to migrate from olite to . if i were you i would install a fresh 11g+ and overwrite the entire server. the reason is that if you search this forum you will find many posts from people asking help about migrating from one version of olite to another. they report many problems. so why not make a fresh install? you can later migrate all the database tables your self.

                        but if you need to go from> the link i sent you gives some info, if your problem persists i guess you need to ask for help from oracle, perhaps open a service request,(or perhaps search for a similar post here, if your lucky:) ).
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                          Hi Marius,

                          Oracle DB 11G should be fine with Oracle Lite

                          Note that when using ASM you must create the SYNCSERVER Tablespace in advance otherwise it will fail. Note 799544.1 covers this but basically you need to do the following

                          pre-create the SYNCSERVER Tablespace before installing Oracle Lite with a size of 200MB with Autoextend

                          Note there will be some DB file(s) created like mobile01.dbf and it may well be that if these still exists even if you created the Tablespace in ASM it still fails so i would suggest the following

                          1. Drop user Mobileadmin from your Repository DB
                          2. Drop the tablespace SYNCSERVER
                          3. Check and remove any/all mobile(nn).dbf files from Your database
                          4. Create the SYNCSERVER Tablespace in your ASM environment with size 200MB and Autoextend on

                          If you are still encountering issues after this please raise a Service request and we will be glad to help you further.


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                            Marius H
                            Thanks for the informative post, Vasileos. It's allways interesting to hear about other Olite users experiences. Especially since our use (clients) are pretty similar.

                            I actually did a clean install, but I think it was ASM-problems that was the reason the installation failed. I am not sure we managed to clean up properly after the first attempt.

                            I am waiting for a new Windows server and the database experts to clean up again. After this, I will try again, encouraged by your success :)


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                              Marius H
                              Thanks, Richard. I will give it a try again based on your suggestions. I suspect we did not clean up properly the last time.

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                                Marius H
                                After a long and painfull period of trial and error with installing, we finally made it. The problem was the JDBC-URL. As long as we used load balancing, the installation just silently failed, sometimes with a "Got -1 from a read call" message. When we changed it to just use a single node, it alll went smoothly.

                                The problem probably has something to do with the setup/config of our Oracle test environment. In production, we have not had any problems with installation with a load balancing JDBC-URL.
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                                  Hi Marius,

                                  We support the following JDBC URL format for RAC environment :
                                  for example,

                                  Is your JDBC URL format for RAC correct? Do you try your JDBC URL in a simple program to connect to your RAC environment?

                                  - Yan
                                  Oracle Berkeley DB and Mobile Server Development
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                                    Marius H
                                    This is the URL we used:


                                    I'll try the suggested format next time.