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    Disco: correct eulapi syntax for sharing workbooks with responsibilities

      OS: Linux-x86

      Using Disco Desktop we have "shared" workbooks in the following way:
      - Start Disco Desktop (PC client)
      -- Login as APPS user that owns the workbook (this user is not SYSADMIN)
      --- Select responsibility
      ---- Navigate to File->Manage Workbooks->Sharing ...
      ----- Select responsibility

      We would like to share some new RESPs using the eulapi UNIX tool but I cannot figure out the correct syntax or if it is even capable of doing this.

      Note that the APPS user is not the SYSADMIN user.

      I have read many MOS notes and tried multiple syntax configurations and I keep getting various errors.

      I would appreciate it if someone could provide the correct syntax so I know which error message to pursue.

      Here's what I have so far:

      eulapi -connect xxsupport/pw@xxsid \
      -apps_user \
      -apps_responsibility "XXUS Project Super User" \
      -eul EUL5_US \
      -grant_privilege \

      I am stuck on what comes next.

      Thanks, Chaz