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    Issues when Upgrading from SRSS 4.1 to 5.2.1

      Hi There.

      Yesterday I upgraded a client's environment from SRSS 4.1 to 5.2.1.


      Solaris 10 hosting Sun Ray Server, Kiosk Mode configured with Windows Connector pointing at Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server. Used utadm to remove the old firmware config and reconfigured with the new firmware config. All Thin Clients now have the new Oracle Branded Firmware.

      After the Upgrade, the users can't seem to hold down the Backspace Key to erase text at a faster pace or use Page Down in an Excel Spreadsheet to get through their workbooks faster. When these buttons are used in their held down position the performance is really slow. Tapping these keys however works fine.

      EG: Tapping backspace 20 times to erase 20 Characters is ok. Holding down the Backspace Key to do the same thing is very slow.

      Anyone know of any issues or performance issues Post running this upgrade.


      - Joe.
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