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    OBIEE - prompts showing incorrect NULL values

      Hi, I'm hitting an issue with OBIEE that I thought I'd see if anyone else is having. The problem is this - when I create dashboard prompts, I'm seeing "NULL" values show up in the list, even though the columns do not contain any rows with NULLs.

      For example, on a checkbox prompt, I'll see values:
      Value 1
      Value 2
      Value 3

      It creates a separate checkbox and gives it a name of NULL. But if I look at the NQQuery.log (or just run the SQL myself), I can clearly see it's only returning Value 1 through Value 3 - there are no NULL values.

      Also, if I create a dropdown box type control, I'll see a blank line at the top, which again seems to be a bogus NULL value.

      The curious thing - these dashboards / prompts were migrated from, where they worked perfectly.

      Is anyone else seeing this problem?