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    No value exists for message_number column in dba_apply_error view.

      Hi All,

      I came across this very interesting issue today.
      I have setup uni-directional Oracle Streams between a source and a destination. Capture process is at the source side.

      The setup has been running without any problems for sometime now. Today I noticed an apply error at the destination. Since I had specified 'disable_on_error=N' so the replication still continued.

      In order to investigate the error, I queried the local_transation_id, error_message, message_number and message_count from the dba_apply_error view. I was really surprised to see that all values were retrived except the message_number. Since there are 37 messages in the transaction, so without knowing the exact message_number of the message which is causing the error, I cannot resolve it. The error, by the way, was due to a integrity constraint violation.

      Have any of you faced such an issue before? I am not sure what to do next..... so any pointers towards the right direction would be very helpful.