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    Network conectivity

      Dear Expert

      Our Exadata (Qurter x2-2)
      The connectivity was implemented based on 1Gb
      now we need to upgrade to 10Gb
      my Question is
      1- should we buy the 10GbE transceivers or it must be shipped with the Servers
      2- what is the best practice to upgrade 1Gb to 10Gb
      3- i used virtual-ip in Tns configuration to get failover facility,is it a problem or should i use scan name

      Thanks inadvance
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          I don't believe oracle gives an option to ship the SFP transcievers with the Exadata rack itself. However you should be able to purchase them separately.Its generally good practise to use the scan listeners for your connectivity assuming you have dns round robin set up correctly.

          What is the driver for moving to 10gb ethernet on your client network ? Are you really saturating the 1 gb network or is it because of corporate standards. Generally the most quoted driver to move to 10gb ethernet is media server performance for backups.

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            if we have SFP who will reconfigue the Exadata to use 10Gb
            is it Oracle corp. ? or we have to do it by our self?


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              The SFP+ transceivers are ordered separately and are not included with the Exadata purchase. You have the choice of either using copper or fibre modules, whichever you utilize in your network. Migrating from gigabit to 10 gigabit is a relatively easy process that we (Enkitec) have done for several customers. Are you looking to migrate your client network to 10GbE, or create a new network for it?

              You should always use the SCAN hostname if possible, as it provides smarter load balancing, and allows for more resiliency than the previous method of listing all VIPs in the TNS connect string. If you listed all VIPs and expanded your Exadata rack, you would have to modify all of the connect strings for your application. If you were using the SCAN hostname, no client changes would have to be made.