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    Why no logging to portalserver-log.spy ?


      Here's an odd one. I am not getting logging to portalserver-log.spy, even though everything appears to be configured correctly. PTLogger starts and runs without any errors in its log.

      In another portal environment on the same hardware, PTLogger is receiving messages from the portal just fine and logging them. I copied ptLogger.xml from that environment and adjusted <filters appender="PortalDailyLogFile" server="portal.hostname.user"> to match exactly that which is in the openlog section of configuration.xml.

      I started consolelogger.sh, and it doesn't receive messages either! So it's as if Portal is not broadcasting, or the messages aren't reaching any listener.

      There shouldn't be a problem with Unicast, because the weblogic cluster (which uses unicast) is working fine. File permissions are all the same.

      What could stop logging messages?