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    FDM Data

      Hi All,

      We need some help with understanding for FDM data storage. Any comments / suggestions will be helpful.

      We are using FDM When the FDM data is exported to any system, does FDM exports it to *.dat file (in Application-->outbox) and RDBMS always ? Is it advisable to use that .dat file to load data to data warehouse ?

      Also is the data stored in RDBMS ? IF yes , which tables ?

      Please advice.

      Thanks and Regards,
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          Yes data is always exported to a .dat as that is the default action of the Export Action script for all of the current adapters. Data isn't exported to the RDBMS at this point it is the data contained in the FDM database that is being exported to a file. FDM stores all data processed in a series of tables called tDataSeg n where n is an incremental number. Each location has is own dedicated tDataSeg table. You can find out which one by checking the DataSeg table id associated with the location in the tPOVPartition table. As I previously mentioned the tDataSeg tables store all processed data for the location hich includes both the original source values brought in at the import stage and the transformed/mapped values once the mapping table logic has been applied. If you are looking to inport data into a data warehouse I suggest you use the flat file output in the Outbox as your source not the underlying FDM tables, the file is easy to understand and requires no knowledge of the underlying FDM tables and will be constant if even if the architecture of the FDM database was to undergo redesign in future releases.
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            Hi SH,

            Thanks a lot for such a detailed and prompt response. This is exactly what i was looking for. Highly appreciate your help.