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    Tuxedo TPC-C ubbconfig file


      I was quite interested in how Tuxedo was able get the results on the TPCC.

      I looked at this page, and even in the details, but I could not figure out where was the ubbconfig file for this result


      Here is the link to the Full Disclosure Report: http://c970058.r58.cf2.rackcdn.com/fdr/tpcc/Oracle_SPARC_SuperCluster_with_T3-4s_TPC-C_FDR_120210.pdf

      Can someone show me where in the document they talk about the ubbconfig file?

      There is a client ubbconfig config file on page 308, but its the client ubbconfig. Should there be a server also, since its a clustered setup?

      P.S I am still learning Tuxedo. :)


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          Todd Little-Oracle

          What do you mean it is the "client" machine? The UBBCONFIG file on page 308, is the UBBCONFIG file for the Tuxedo TPC-C application. The machine name happens to be client1, but I'm guessing that is because it's a client of the database. There is no concept of a UBBCONFIG for clients in Tuxedo. In fact, Tuxedo clients aren't even mentioned or defined in the UBBCONFIG.

          Todd Little
          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect