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    Graph on report???

      Hello experts,
      can we show graph on report?
      i am using 10g form and report.

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          Rzuluaga - Oracle-Oracle
          sure you can. There is a Graph wizard in Reports Builder that will guide you.

          The following is information related to Reports 11g but will apply to 10g too.

          There are also several support notes that will help you.
               How to Find Documentation About Graphs in Reports 9i and later? (Doc ID 234137.1)

          NOTE:230020.1 - How to Format Graph Numeric Axis or Slice Tick Label Values in Reports 9i?
          NOTE:234136.1 - How to Control the Colors Displayed in a Reports 9i Graph?
          NOTE:233568.1 - How to Change or Remove the Main Pie or Bar Chart Data Value Label in Reports 9i?
          NOTE:234401.1 - How to Change the Size of the Graph Plot Area in Reports 9i?
          NOTE:233960.1 - How to Change the Size of the Pie in a Reports 9i Pie Chart?
          NOTE:241640.1 - How to Format Graph Marker Text Format in Reports 9i?
          NOTE:234138.1 - How To Find RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Hex Color Codes for Reports 9i?
          NOTE:229911.1 - How To Add Background Colour To The Entire Graph Object In Reports 9i?
          NOTE:264839.1 - How to display $1000, $2000 and So On In a Chart
          NOTE:254727.1 - How to Use Gradient Color Fill for the Plot Area of a Graph in Reports 9i
          NOTE:242902.1 - How to Set the Min/Max Scaling Values for the X and Y Axis for Graphs Created in Reports 9i.
          NOTE:1085039.1 - How To Increase Axis Label Font Size on a Bar Chart?

          Regards, RZ