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    Error msg RMAN-05520: database name mismatch when trying to login to RMAN

      I am trying to clone a database on the same server but getting an error message when I try to run the duplicate command.

      RMAN DB1 -> Rman target sys/oracle@SID1 auxiliary sys/oracle@SID2
      (where DB1->SID1 and DB2->SID2)

      RMAN-05520: database name mismatch, auxiliary instance has SID1, command specified SID2

      I used dbca to create the new oracle instance SID2 and checked the entried in the lisntner.ora and tnsnames.ora and they seems to be fine.
      The primary db is in mount mode and the aux database is in nomount mode. I am trying to run this command from the the db session where ORACLE_SID=SID.

      Any help on this would be really helpful.