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    REG:Oracle Audit Vault Agent Installation fails at the last step .

      Hi ,

      I am installing Audit vault agent 10.3 and it is failing at the last on solarisis 10 sparc 64 bit .

      The error is
      OUI-25031:Some of the configuration assistants failed/cancelled. It is strongly recommended that you retry the configuration assistants at this time. Not successfully running any "Recommended" assistants means your system will not be correctly configured.

      I have tried the Doc ID 1058184.1 but it fails at the end saying cannot update av.properties , If we create the the directories manually and create the av.properties file then the agent will start but it is not stopping until you kill the agent .

      Moreover if i am continuing with this agent after registering the collectors i am not able to start them as i am facing the http 404 error .

      So i think i need to install the audit agent successfully first .

      can anybody help me please as we are on client side and it is critical deliverable .


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