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    NULL option of column command - ignore word after space in string


      I'm quit new to Oracle and SQL world.

      building simple SQL/Plus report through SQL Developer enviroment:
      I'm trying to use NULL option of COLUMN comand to output a meaningful string instead null.

      But, any word after space in string.

      Followings are what I wrote on worksheet and excute 'Run Script'.

      COLUMN firedate NULL 'active';
      COLUMN mentorid NULL 'no mentor';
      select lastname, firstname, mentorid, firedate from members;

      refer to line (COLUMN mentorid NULL 'no mentor';) the out put for the MentorId, display word no and ignore any word after space which is here word mentor.

      My environment:

      SqL Developer ver. 3.1.07.
      Oracle database 10g Express edition (
      windows XP

      Much appreciated.