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    Runtime changes in Orchestration Plan

      Hi All,

      My Orchestration plan has been generated. Let Say
      Initiate Billing --> Shipping --> Provisioning --> Fulfill Billing

      But based on some data element of Initiate Billing Process, I want to skip my shipping Function at execution time.

      Kindly suggest me how can I achieve the same.

      N Singh
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          Hi N Singh,

          Orchestration Plan is the final plan for the Sales Order and cannot be altered directly. It can only be modified during a revision/amendments. That is why the user has to get all sort of information required to generate accurate orchestration plan. So Shipping Process gets triggered automatically once InitiateBilling Process completes.

          Then, your problem can be handled with a work around. As you are saying based on some data received during InitiateBilling Process you have to decide whether to goto shipping process or not.

          In design studio, Open Shipping Process(workflow) and then define a rule. if the rule gets evaluated to true you can go to "End" Activity otherwise shipping workflow will continue as usual if the rule gets evaluated to false.

          Naveen Jabade
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            Thanx NJabade,

            But My requirement is to skip the system/function.
            I even don't want to move to Shipping process.

            Kindly let me know, if any other option is possible.

            Kindly let me also, hw can we chne the orchestration process in amendment. ( Is by using Fulfillment Mode?)

            N Singh
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              Hi NSingh,

              Orchestration Plan is final. Once generated we cannot alter until a revision. So, if possible find out all information before generating orchestration plan. Lets say, If you get this information from other system, then talk to that system using DataProvider and get the necessary information & then generate the orchestration plan. That's when u can skip this shiporder function totally.

              But not after generating Orchestration Plan.

              Amendments/Revision Order is hard to explain interms of SalesOrder. You need to have more expertise in this area. Go through the OSM's concepts documentation & also have a look at the out of the box O2A PIP cartridges and try to get some idea.

              FulfillmentMode will/should be same for both New Order/Revision Order.

              Naveen Jabade
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                user491422 - oracle
                N Singh;

                Can you please elaborate on the business scenario where you want to skip the Shipping function?

                Do you know that you want to skip Shipping only after Initiate Billing is complete (i.e. based on the results of init billing) or do you know you want to skip it even before we start executing the orch plan?