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    Serverstats for Oracle E-Business Suite R12

      I am setting up some serverstat monitors for performance tests on Oracle E-Business Suite R12 application (for benchmarking and tuning). I have set up some monitors for measuring CPU and memory on the Webserver, Application server(both Oracle App server 10) and Database(Oracle 10g). Also I have set up monitors for the V$SYSSTAT & V$SESSTAT views for the database.

      What other monitors should I set up for monitoring the E-business suite application.

      Any advice from your experience would be very helpful.

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          Hi CP,

          I am New with OATS.

          Please explain me, how to do setup serverstat for application web server and V$session..

          What steps you have performed. please explain in brief.

          we are going to migrate our EBS 12 to linux platform from HP-UX.
          so, we need to test funcitonallity and setup webserver application for monitoring purpose.

          Please do needful.

          Thank you,
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            You will just have to add the monitor profiles for linux in your OLT. You will need a user in your webserver who can run commands for iostat,vmstat,netstat, sar or whatever other monitors you want to set up. You can also set up virtual agent in Serverstats to run these commands individually using the user on webserver. If you have any more questions, you can post it here.

            Please go through the Serverstats guide that comes with OATS installation to know more about setting up monitors.