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    Error when executing an interface: Update Existing Errors

      Hi Everybody,

      It has been a while since I last wrote into the forum! And this time I am contacting you all, because I have gotten an error and I really do not know where the issue is right.

      I am creating an interface, to pass data from one Oracle table to another.

      I have created it, and executed the interface! So far so good, BUT then something happens!

      I do get an error in a step called:
      27 Integration - <MY_BEAUTIFUL_INTERFACE> - Update Existing Errors

      I do recon that the error is on the update part, as it is not bringing anything on the set part! Should I modify something on my Interface! Yes I must, but really do not know what!!! I was thinking on playing with the execution modes, which I have already tried, but do not know quite well what to do next!

      I do really appreciate your help and guidance, once more!!

      Best regards.

      P.S.: Please do not hesitate to contact me, if any further details are required.

      Looking at the errors I got on the description tab:
      set      (
           ) =
                from     <DB_INSTANCE>.I$_<MY_BEAUTIFUL_TABLE_T> S
                where     T.<FIELD_A>     =S.<FIELD_A>
                and     T.<FIELD_B>     =S.<FIELD_B>
                and     T.<FIELD_C>     =S.LRP_CLASS_ID

      where     (<FIELD_A>, <FIELD_B>, LRP_CLASS_ID)
           in     (
                select     <FIELD_A>,
                from     <DB_INSTANCE>.I$_<MY_BEAUTIFUL_TABLE_T>
                where     IND_UPDATE = 'U'