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    The successor activity begins on the same date as the predecessor finishes.

      How do I extend the working hours for each activity. I am currently encountering this problem.

      My calender is set as 8 hours day, 0800hr - 1700 my activity are as follow -

      Activity ID     Activity Name               Start      Finish
      A1020     1     16-May-12 08:00     16-May-12 17:00
      A1010     2     17-May-12 08:00     17-May-12 17:00
      A1000     3     18-May-12 08:00     18-May-12 17:00

      But when I change the calender to a 10 hour work day, it becomes

      Activity ID     Activity Name          Start     Finish
      A1030     1     16-May-12 08:00     16-May-12 17:00
      A1040     2     16-May-12 17:00     17-May-12 15:00
      A1050     3     17-May-12 15:00     18-May-12 12:00

      Is there anyone to change is such that my all my activity starts at 0800hr and finishes at 1900hr (10hour work day)?

      I have changed my settings in 'Admin Preference' ->'Time Period' ->'Hours per Time Period' to 10 hours/day and selected the "Use assigned calender to specify the number of work hours for each time period". But its still the same.

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