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    CRS reinstall

    713555 windows 2008.

      2 ASM volumes DATA and FLASH

      needed to patch to, install messed up CRS. Deinstalled CRS. Re-install CRS, the installer is looking to mark the ocr and voting, it wont install over the current marked ASM, Id have to wipe it first which I dont want to do, I just want CRS on top of the existing ASM disks. RDBMS home still at

      how to reinstall CRS and not wipe ASM?

      Ive read the following note but its for 10.
      How to Reinstall CRS Without Disturbing Installed Oracle RDBMS Home(s) [ID 456021.1]
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          For what you say you want to do ... open an SR with Oracle Support.

          Personally ... I'd do a clean install of
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            Yes to the SR. Have it opened, slow turnaround and in need of help.

            I would go straight to as well but this is a dev RAC and I need to doc the steps for a live run of a rolling upgrade hence need to get back on to do same.

            In one way Im not too unhappy I got this, ie ratherr get it in the dev then the prod, but in another way, some dev guys are going to be unhappy this morning.
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              more on this.

              To recap. Im trying to reinstall CRS on win 2008 to document a rolling upgrade but want to keep my ASM volumes. Its a development RAC.
              no arc log mode.
              no backups
              I have 2 volumes. DATA and FLASH.

              I wiped the label off FLASH, but that wasnt enough, I needed to delete the logical volume with DISKPART, then add a logical partition to that disk.  So now I have a 1 candidate disk and 1 ASM marked disk (DATA).

              In the CRS installer, when it comes to picking the storage, when I choose ASM, Im not seeing the newly created candidate disk, yet when I got to ASMTOOL I can see it as a candidate disk. If I mark it for use for ASM by stamping it, in the storage selector in the CRS installer, I then have to choose All disks which brings up my +DATA volume as well which are not clean and I cant proceed. 

              How to get installer to pick up the newly created candidate disk?
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                answer is I had to completely deinstall CRS and unmark the disks to get a fresh install to pick up the disks. replicated a couple of times.