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    Items below to phantom items are not available in ASCP workbenck.

    VCP Functional
      Hi Experts,

      I came up one issue on ASCP, consider following BOM. Assume that all below items are MRP planned , all items supply qty is zero,

      FG ( finished good, WIP supply type - Push)
      |-> PH ( Phantom, WIP Supply type - Phantom)
      |-> P (Purchase item, WIP Supply type - Push)

      Now I have entered forecast against FG. After running data collection and plan, I can see forecast for FG. It is suggesting work order for FG but not suggesting purchase order for P part. While going in detail, I found that BOM data is successfully imported from source instance by data collection. But in plan, I can not see any child part for FG.. either PH or P. And this will be reason of not creating planned order for P. So can you please help me to find out reason behind this behavior.