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    Using <af:serverlistener> with <af:commandNavigationItem>


      I am navigating from one page to another using <af:navigationPane> as below:
      <af:navigationPane id="np5" var="node" hint="list" value="#{navigationContext.samplenav.listModel['startNode=toplinks/home, includeStartNode=true']}" clientComponent="true">
      <f:facet name="nodeStamp">
      <af:commandNavigationItem text="Destination" id="cni5"
      destination="#{node.goLinkPrettyUrl}" clientComponent="true">
      <af:clientListener method="onclick" type="click"/>
      <af:clientAttribute name="attr" value="value"/>
      <af:serverListener type="CustomServerEvent" method="#{pageFlowScope.testBean.processAction}"/>
      <f:attribute name="node" value="#{node}"/>

      The navigation is working perfectly. But i would like to set some values in my bean when the user clicks on the link by calling my server side method.
      When i try using serverlistener but no luck, it does not call the server side method:(
      Is there any way of achieving this?