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    add a new dll in iplanet 7 webserver


      I used to use iplnaet 6.1 webserver earlier and i used to load the dll with the below function in magnus.conf

      Init fn=load-modules shlib

      But in iplanet 7, if i provide the abover fucntion then my webserver doesnt start. Can you please let me know alternative to add a dll in iplnaet 7.
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          It hasn't changed, for example to load the OpenSSO agent plugin:

          Init fn="load-modules" shlib="D:/iplanet/web_agents/sjsws_agent/lib/libames6.dll" funcs="web_agent_init,validate_session_policy,append_post_data,process_notification"

          Of course, you will need to use a newer plugin writtten for iws7 instead of your existing one for 6.1
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            Thanks handat...I am able to start my webserver by providing the dll.

            Now i faced two difficulties..

            When i try to use ping my dll through the webserver it gives me two error messages.

            1. It asks me for oracle server's username and password. I have gave admin admin as username and passoword at the time of installation but when i provide the same here it doesn't accept.

            - - [17/May/2012:15:06:28 +0530] "GET /test.dll/service=server1/ping HTTP/1.1" 401 223

            2. And when i try not to touch the appserver i have used, and just ping the webserver without using my appserver, it gives me the below error message

            Server Error

            This server has encountered an internal error which prevents it from fulfilling your request. The most likely cause is a misconfiguration. Please ask the administrator to look for messages in the server's error log.
            [17/May/2012:15:10:38 +0530] "GET /test.dll? HTTP/1.1" 500 305

            Can you please let me know the reason for these errors.
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              I am all set with the setup. I have missed something at my dll i have used. So now what i am facing is the Authentication Required pop-up.

              I have provided my username and password as admin admin. But it doesnt take it. Is there any ways to reset the username and password or could we see where we have set the username and password.

              Thanks in Advance.
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                Sounds like you have an ACL issue here. Try using a different ACL or create your own.