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    Asynchronous Bpel process pending in 'Receive' activity

      Hi ,

      I have a asynchronous bpel process (Service_1) which invokes another asynchronous bpel process (Service_2).

      Sometimes, even when Service_2 completes successfully, and callBack is also completed, Service_1 is still in 'Running' State, and I can see, it is 'Pending' in the 'Receive' activity (for call back from Service_2).

      This issue gets resolved only when the server restart is done. This happens every now and then.

      The below is the 'reference' for Service_2 inside my Service_1 composite.xml.

      <reference name="Service_2"
      <interface.wsdl interface="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseServices/V1#wsdl.interface(Service_2)"
      <binding.ws port="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseServices/V1#wsdl.endpoint(Service_2_ep/Service_2_pt)" location="">
      <property name="callbackServerURL"></property>
      <binding.ws port="http://xmlns.oracle.com/EnterpriseServices/V1#wsdl.endpoint(Service_2_ep/Service_2_pt)"/>

      Kindly give me some suggestions to resolve this issue permanently.

      Sabarisri. N
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