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    How to create a popup form applet to create a new record


      I have a requirement where on button click a popup form applet should open in new record mode by default. I will then enter details in that popup applet & on clicking the "Submit" button on that applet, the data gets saved to the corresponding table.

      I tried following options:

      1. Created a new control(button) on parent applet & specified the popup applet detail in its user property.
      Mode - Edit
      Popup - <name of the new popup applet>
      Popup Dimension - 500*300

      This configuration opens the new popup applet on button click but its in edit mode with the data of parent applet showing in it.

      2. modified the configuration to -

      changed the mode to "New".
      In the applet definition web template for the Edit web template,chosen mode type as New and for Edit list web template chosen the mode type as edit list.

      However, couldn't achieve what is intended. pls help.