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    How do delete non-existing Repository

      There was a repository with a server and some VMs. I accidentally destroyed the LUN holding that storage. How do I clear it from VM Manager's display? I need to recreate the server pool, repository, discover the host, and I'd like to use the same names and IP addresses. I can always uninstall/reinstall manager, but that seems a bit harsh.

      Oracle VM 3.1.1 Manager and a single, non-clustered host.
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          You need to clean up the database, which can be achieved by doing the following on the OVM Manager machine:

          #cd /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/bin
          #sh ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbuser=ovs dbpass=<password> --fixup

          This will go through all the database objects and remake all the connections, and also removes any stale ones at the same time..

          You should do a backup first before attempting this. Details here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27300_01/E27308/html/vmiug-manager-backup.html
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            Hi, out of curiosity, I just ran the script on my test environment that has currently no errors. Is this what the output should look like? Tehre was no questions...

            [root@ovmmgr-ec bin]# ./ovm_upgrade.sh dbuser=ovs dbpass=Oracle34 --fixup
            find: /tmp/ovmpatches: No such file or directory
            Copying xsl files to patch path location
            `./transform_003000002000_010.xsl' -> `/tmp/ovmpatches/transform_003000002000_01 0.xsl'
            `./transform_003000003000_010.xsl' -> `/tmp/ovmpatches/transform_003000003000_01 0.xsl'
            Copying deleted classes files to patch path location
            `./deletedClasses.xml' -> `/tmp/ovmpatches/deletedClasses.xml'
            INFO (OvmUpgrade.java:117) Oracle OVM Manager Upgrade Processor
            INFO (OvmUpgrade.java:118)
            INFO (OvmUpgrade.java:326) Upgrade Initialization Starting
            INFO (OdofDirector.java:219) Oracle Distributed Object Fabric (ODOF): Copyright (C) 2007, 2011 Oracle. All rights reserved.
            INFO (OdofDirector.java:220) ODOF Version:
            INFO (OdofDirector.java:221) Initializing...
            INFO (OdofDirector.java:278) Initialization Complete!
            INFO (OvmUpgrade.java:328) Upgrade Initialization Complete
            INFO (FixupStage.java:23) Database Fixup Starting
            INFO (ObjectStore.java:133) Fixing up Exchange... (2147 objects)
            INFO (ObjectStore.java:144) Fixup has processed 1000 of 2147 objects
            INFO (ObjectStore.java:144) Fixup has processed 2000 of 2147 objects
            INFO (ObjectStore.java:252) Fixup Complete!
            INFO (FixupStage.java:26) Database Fixup Complete
            [root@ovmmgr-ec bin]#