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    Static Tabular Layout in ADF

    Debojit Sinha

      Can any one please advise me on how to create a static tabular layout in ADF. I'm not looking to create a databound table, just a multi-column input form, like we used to do with HTML tables. Currently, I'm using the af:menuBar component, but the page is becoming rather heavy with large input forms, so I'm looking for alternatives.

      I can't use the af:panelLabelAndMessage component, because most input labels have a question mark '(?)' at the end that provide tooltip text on mouse hover. If I use Panel Label And Message, the tooltip appears when I hover the mouse anywhere on the label, which is not acceptable as per design. Also, there are cases where with one label, I have multiple input fields associated, in a horizontal alignment.

      Could any one please provide me some insight? I'm really at a dead end with this.