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    ListView with dividers

      Seems like there is a lot more to the ListView than the sample apps show. Looking at the Developer's Guide there's a lot you can do with them. Is there a sample app on the way that shows all these features?

      I'm mainly interested in the ListView with Dividers as this seems to be what I need for my demo app. It is referenced in the Dev.Guide in example 8-12 in section 8.2.7, but there is no example and for more details it refers to the Tag Reference for ADF Mobile.

      The LayoutDemo sample application does show some examples of ListViews but not with dividers.

      Some questions:
      - do you have an example of the ListView with Dividers (either a screenshot or a sample app)
      - can we already get access to a preliminary version of the Tag Reference? The JDev help seem to have a link to http://www.oracle.com/pls/as111220/lookup?id=ADFMT but that's not working
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          Joe Huang-Oracle
          Hi, Wilfred, the ListView component can also be tested in the ComponentDemo sample app. Does that help, or are you looking for additional examples? I think the HR demo also uses the listView, and you can probably modify the ListView properties there to see how it behaves.

          To the other moderators in the forum, please chime in if there are additional samples?


          Joe Huang
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            I did manage to get a sample working with the Component Demo application:
            * from the initial page, go to ListView
            * Press the Properties button and set the Divider Attribute to "first" (all lower case)
            * Return to the listView and you will see the list with dividers based on the first letter of the first name