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    support for 6130

      I am in the process of renewing Oracle “Support for Systems”. I have three items that according to:

      Oracle Lifetime Support Policy: Oracle Hardware and Operating Systems (February, 2012) [http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-hardware-os-337182.pdf]

      Sustaining support is “Not Available” and for each of these Premier Support ends before the end of this year.

      The items are:
      1. SE6130
      2. CSM100
      3. SF V20z

      When I asked my Oracle Support Services person to remove these items as Oracle will not support them for the duration of the renewal period, she responded that Oracle had recently dropped the “end date” and is offering support indefinitely. I, of course, requested supporting documentation – she did not have any handy and is “looking” for something that can be shared with the customer.

      Anyone have any details on hardware support beyond the dates in the above policy?

      How/where can I “get the facts” on this issue?

      If my employer renews this contract, will Oracle honor it even after Premier Support ends?

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          I am confused too. I have few old Sun servers and I like to know when will the support end?
          No where can find a pdf or document on Oracle site to get the official statement.
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            The only info that I found is:


            (Note: this link downloads a pdf file)

            The doc lists the 6130 as (end) June 2012, so that's what I am going with.

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              Thanks for the quick support. I follow the link that you provide me.
              I found another docs which may be helpful for you.

              In this link you can found some support inform and EOSL inform.


              There are 2 PDF on the middle top of the page:-

              1) List of Oracle Hardware With Support End Dates

              2) List of Supported Oracle Hardware (With Last Ship Dates Announced)

              Doc 1 show the known end day of the system. Doc 2 show the support is active on. I guest if I can not found entry in 1) then no end day?

              Let me know if it is right/wrong, if you found out.


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                At this point I take it that hardware that is not listed is supported.

                Take a look at http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/hardware-systems-support-policies-069182.pdf Near the bottom of page 5 it reads:

                "Right to End of Service Life
                It may become necessary (i) as a part of Oracle’s product lifecycle or (ii) if a vendor retires support for its product or the relationship with the vendor is terminated, to announce an End of Service Life date for a hardware system and, therefore, Oracle reserves that right. Oracle will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide twelve (12) months advance notice of End of Service Life. End of Service Life information is available on My Oracle Support. End of Service Life information is subject to change."

                I "think" the link I posted is the "End of Service Life information is available on My Oracle Support". It's kind of a trick to find it from the MOS but it can be done.

                Near the top of that same page (5) it reads:

                "When offered, Oracle Premier Support for Systems will be available for a minimum of five years from the last ship date of the hardware system."

                I think the second document you list is useful for determining the "minimum of five years from the last ship date".

                As I understand it Oracle is expected to stop selling the 6000 series storage arrays sometime soon. I would guess that most/all of them will get just the "5 years" of support but it looks like servers may get some years beyond the 5 years.

                I'm not a lawyer, just a customer ...

                have a good day,
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                  You are right and a lot of good information.
                  The documents are distribuited in different place and you helped me a to get them together.

                  Nice to talk to you.

                  Have a nice day.