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    ATG Webservices


      I need help in using ATG Webservices, basically my requirement is I have to create ATG Webservices which will be consumed by external users, if any one has worked on ATG webservices please guide how to create and use ATG WS, in the document its given that ATG provides some webseriveces, how can I use them in my ATG application,
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          For learning more about ATG webservices go through the following link

          For including OOB webservices in your project, include the prepackaged Commerce Web services, specify the DCS.WebServices module when you assemble your application.

          The documentation also tells about how to create your custom webservices.

          Hope this helps!
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            Ben Carlson
            There is also a REST module, which provides REST web services consuming and returning XML or JSON via HTTP.

            Docs for it are here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22630_01/Platform.1002/pdf/WSFrameGuide.pdf

            Be aware of the restSecurityConfiguration.xml file which is an ACL for access to various components and their methods.

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              basically my requirement is I have to expose ATG WebServices to the mobile Team , they want me just to publish ATG ws (WebSerives provided by ATG) , like in the document

              Register User
              Register user default shipping address
              Register user default billing address
              Register user default credit card
              Register user default home address
              Update user


              so these WebServices they wants us to publish, and so my question is it possible to develop web application like this way?.that means in the mobile there will be regisration page which is of different framework say plain JSP, if they click on register button in that page , they may invoke ATG wS Create User WebService provided by ATG . Will it able to create USER,and the remaining functionality like add Item to cart, browsing , shopping and payment and other functionality this way.. will this type of solution works? can we use ATG WS for this type of solution? can any one please guide me
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                ATG Webservices work conventionally like any other webservice , You can invoke them from anywhere , Yes it is possible to create user and update all the properties of the user.

                ATG oob provides these webservices , you do not even have to write custom components.Add the module " DPS.WebServices" to the application where you are going to host the webservice and you should be able to invoke them from anywhere with the WSDL.

                ATG provides all the other services alike , it is possible to replicate all the formhandler behaviour with a parallel set of components which ATG provides

                ProfileFormHandler -- has an equivalent Component ProfileServices ..like wise.Refer to the webservice guide all you want is there

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                  We are in the process of releasing mobile storefronts (both a mobile web app and a native iOS app) with ATG 10.1 very shortly (within the next month or so). These applications will provide you with guidance on how to use ATG REST web services to build a mobile store.


                  Oracle ATG Reference Applications Product Manager
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                    Hi Nivedita

                    Is the mobile commerce reference store out yet?