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    Asynchronoud table error

      Hi ,

      While working with IMDB cache table
      *( please note:- I have logged in as a cacheuser with admin privelege using ttisql utility .I am able to create the sunchronous and read only cahce group tables but facing an error with Asynchronous group cache tables)*

      I am trying to create the cache table with the following syntax

      create dynamic asynchronous writethrough  cache group g_awt from

      hr.employees ( employee_id number (6) not null,
      first_name    varchar2(20),
      last_name     varchar2(25) not null,
      email         varchar2(25) not null,
      phone_number  varchar2(20),
      hire_date     date not null,
      job_id        varchar2(10) not null,
      salary        number (8,2),
      commission_pct number (2,2),
      manager_id    number (6),
      department_id number(4),
      primary key (employee_id)),
      hr.job_history (employee_id  number(6) not null,
      start_date   date  not null,
      end_date     date  not null,
      job_id       varchar2(10) not null,
      department_id number(4),

      primary key (employee_id,start_date),
      foreign key (employee_id)

      references hr.employees (employee_id));

      But I am getting the following error-

      *5222: Oracle constraint violation error in OCIStmtExecute(): ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("CACHEUSER"."TT06_REPPEERS"."TRACK_ID") rc = -1*_