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    Migration from DS 5.2 to DSEE 6.3

      Dear All,

      I am using Sun directory server 5.2 and planning upgrade to 6.3, but the problem is DSEE installed in different server with same OS platform. So kindly guide me of how to do manual migration of configuration between the servers. Thanks!
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          Marco Milo-Oracle
          I'm sorry because I'm afraid this won't be exactly the kind of answer you may be looking for, but the question is that the argument you're asking is definitely too vast to be covered in a forum thread; because of the various implications in terms of service availability, involved applications, schema, replication, security, etc... so I can only point you to the official product documentation for Directory Server 6.3


          Suggest to carefully read the migration guide:


          (especially chapter 3: Migrating Directory Server manually) And in case hire some consultant that could help to implement the various migration steps.

          Unless you clarify/specify a definite, clear 'problem'... i.e. a migration step described in the Docs that it's not clear, seems wrong/not apply/fail on your environment.

          Last, but not least, I strongly suggest to have a test environment available to make all the needed tests and (maybe) a workload simulation to benchmark your platform.

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            Why is the other DSEE installation a problem? Are you using a zip or package install?
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              In essence what we did was the following:-

              Install vanilla odsee on new server.

              Copy from the old server 99user.ldif assuming you have made schema changes! start/stop/start the odsee directory.

              Create a suffix on odsee same name as suffix used in old iPlanet 5.2 directory.

              Run db2ldif to dump to an .ldif file the suffix of the old server. Read the iPlanet 5.2 documentation to get the right arguments for this utility.

              Copy the .ldif file to new odsee server by scp

              Run dsadm import .... to load up the odsee. Read the odsee documentation to get right parameters for the dsadm import command.

              All the deeper configuration stuff ACIs etc.. will have to be manually repeated. As the other chap says much depends on how your iPlanet 5.2 is configured, moving the Schema and Data is no problem.
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                Thanks for your link Marco...

                1) I was clear in all the migration like schema, data, password policy...but i don't hv idea on configuration migration since even in document it was not clear... so need help to migrate configuration settings. it seams like hv to run instancemigrate5 script to create configuration details ....here the question is a)is it for 5.1 to 6.x or it is for 5.2 to 6.X b) if it is for 5.2 then where i can find the script and wat will be the output and since after this step in the document it mentioned like after running the script should rum dsmig command to migrate the configuration. so in which format the output file will be and to used dsmig command after running the script... please advice.

                2) Is that possible to use dsmig command in different h/w with the same OS platform... if the answer is yes then no problem i can use dsmig command to migrate the configuration settings between the servers.

                Hope now you would clear on my problem. Thanks!

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                  Thank u very much for you reply... sorry i am new to directory server...

                  can you please tell me which all the main configuration that i need concentrate on the configuration migration.

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                    no there is no problem in dsee and im using using zip installation... i just want a idea of how to do manual migration of configuration settings. Sorry im new to SUN directory server. please advice!