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    Pass a BI Publisher's LOV to a web service

      Hi all,

      First time on BI publisher and first time here. So please be kind to my "newbyness" !

      We have a report that use different data sets, one is an Oracle DB, the other is a homemade web service. The DB is used to determine most of the report's details, and the web service only a few fields.
      Because the web service data set can not be linked with the main data set, I have to use the DB to get relevant technical id and pass them to the web service.
      So, I set up a list of value, based on a SQL query, define a new parameter (MENU typed, containing string). The query and the parameter are fine, but my web service call isn't.
      I tried different method signature for the web service input parameter, such as List<String>, char[], String, String[] and even numeric based version (List<Long>, long[], int[], List<Integer>, as the genuine DB type for the id is Number) but any of those actually worked : for string tries, the best I can get is an adress ("[Ljava.lang.Object;@6d36a7c"), for numeric ones, I am not even able to parse the wsdl (at least that's what the popup say)...

      The web service was generated with JAX-WS and tested using SoapUI...

      I'm running Oracle BI Publisher

      Well, any help will be much appreciated.

      Please let me know if you need any stuff I can provide...


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          Well...I did not find a proper answer, but at least a workaround : I had to modify the LOV's query, grouping all results with WM_CONCAT method ("row1,row2,row3,..., rown")
          My parameter remains a menu type containing string, but I unchecked all options (as I just get 1 result).
          My web service just had to provide a method with a String input parameter and I transform the String into a List<Long>, which is what I expected.

          Hope this will be helpful for someone else,


          PS : if anyone has an answer, I am still interested.