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    Deploy Workspace, Essbase, EAS in weblogic for SSO


      I configured SSO on weblogic 10.3 without worries, and I deployed foundation also when I run shared services I receive the error message: You Could not be authenticated with the credentials Provided EPMCSS-00301 but when I create a url pattern and assigns a user to interop in shared service application at deployement in weblogic.

      When I open the shared services I have more error message but when I run workspace with the same message appears workspace but when I performed the same operation that I made at Interop I get an error 401 Unauthorized .

      My question is how deployed workspace, essbase, eas to use the sso? my foundation is already deployed deploys but when I follow the same procedure as that of foundation for essbase or workspace I have not a single authentication.

      I thank you more for your answer