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    DRM user login issue

      Hi All

      We have an issue where DRM user is getting corrupted and we have to reprovison the user to resolve the issue. This happened twice and windows event log on DRM server just shows the same error that comes in the DRM interface.

      Are there any other logs we can look to troubleshoot DRM ? I looked in DRM admin guide nothing related error number is listed. Here are some error numbers I get which I cant find documentation for.

      DRM-61025: Unable to create user session. Reason: Login failed. Invalid user name or password.

      DRM-61027: The following unexpected error occurred communicating with URL 'net.tcp://server:port/Oracle/Drm/Engine/SessionMgrInternal': DRM-28017: No users were updated.

      2012-04-27 18:50:18,346 [10] WARN Oracle.Drm.Client [(null)] - Exception processing request Oracle.Drm.Client.SecurityException: DRM-61025: Unable to create user session. Reason: Login failed. Invalid user name or password. ---> System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Oracle.Drm.Remotable.DrmException]: DRM-61025: Unable to create user session. Reason: Login failed. Invalid user name or password. (Fault Detail is equal to Oracle.Drm.Remotable.DrmException). --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at Oracle.Drm.Client.DrmConnection.Open() at Oracle.Drm.Client.DrmApplicationItem.GetConnection(String username, String password, Int32 timezoneOffset, String cultureName) at Oracle.Drm.Client.Logon.btnLogin_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

      Process ID: 7768, Thread ID: 42] Error processing request Oracle.Drm.Exceptions.ResourcedException`1[Oracle.Drm.Messages.MsgsEngineCore]: DRM-12103: 'User' item 'DRMAutomation' was not found. at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.Cache`3.ExistingByName(String name) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.BaseManager`1.ExistingByName(String name) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.UserManager.UserByName(String username) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.UserManager.SetPassword(String userName, String password, PasswordExpire expirationType) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.UserManager.<>c__DisplayClass2b.<Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.IUserMgrShell.SetPassword>b__2a() at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.LogManager.<>c__DisplayClass1e.<ExecuteTransaction>b__1d() at Oracle.Drm.DalFramework.DataAccessLayer.ExecuteTransaction(Action codeBlock, Action afterCommit, Action afterRollback) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.LogManager.ExecuteTransaction(Action codeblock) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.EngineShell.<>c__DisplayClass93.<Oracle.Drm.Interfaces.IUserMgr.SetPassword>b__92() at Oracle.Drm.Engine.Core.ReaderWriterLockSlimExtensions.ReadLock(ReaderWriterLockSlim rwLock, Action action) at Oracle.Drm.Engine.GateKeeper.Execute(LockType lockType, String session, Permission minimumPermission, Action action)

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          Try to execute the below, where XXX is the Username,

          select * from USERNAME where c_username='XXX';

          update USERNAME set C_PASSWORD='' where c_username='XXX';

          update USERNAME set D_PASSWORD_EXPIRE_DATE='' where c_username='XXX';


          Restart DRM services and followed by re-set the user password and try login,

          Please let me know if any issues,