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    DRM doubt reg New version creation

      While updating changes to a current version, we create a copy of the existing version, save it with a version-<number> and rename the changed version as version-<final>

      Recently, during such an operation, we created the copy and renamed it as version-<final>
      but we are now unable to see it.
      We refreshed DRM and also checked the backend database.
      There is no trace of version-<final>.
      Neither it is detached nor saved state.
      when we try to create the copy again, it gives us an error stating the version already exists.

      It is imperative for us to stick to the naming convention.

      What could possibly be the reason for such an occurance ?

      we are using Oracle DRM Fusion edition
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          Even we used to face the same issue and it is with all the latest versions.

          Try these:
          1. Increase the Tablespace
          2. If tablespace does not work then only workaround then to follow this - Create version, open any of the hierararchy and go back to the main window and save the version. Please note that while saving the version any of the hierarchy should already be open.

          Let me know if it works.


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            Murali Pasumarti
            Get the UNDOTBS1 table space increased by the DBA by min of 1GB and try check the issue which you are facing now,
            To avoid the duplicate issue you need to bounce the services,