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    Notification Question with Cal7

      I see some Dav Server Notification config options, I think the default install is:

      I also see Convervence Calendar Event Notification Options for a user:
      Send email message to
      Send SMS message to

      So my question is how and when would enableimipemailnotif get used if it were enabled?
      Is it mutually exclusive with enableemailnotif?

      Any info on this would be appreciated.
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          Yu Chen-Oracle

          - enableimipemailnotif gives an option whether to include ical content in the server-wide JMS notification email (say, someone@oracle.com), it's not included by default.

          An iMIP message to external email (another@gmail.com) always has the ical content included.

          - enableemailnotif config disables server-wide emails. JMS notification would still be post to the JMS bus, but no email consumption.

          Hope this answer your question.
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            notification.dav.enablejmsnotif=true decides whether the CS server publishes notifications to JMS bus. This has to be true for any notification to work.
            notification.dav.enableemailnotif=true decides whether email notifications are sent by the server for new event, task, calendar creations and access changes, if the end user chooses to receive them. That is, this enables the server. If enabled, end users can choose to receive those by enabling it for their own account through the Convergence ui or by requesting an admin to do it using davadmin. These emails are just text emails sent as a notification to users for actions that have already been recorded in their calendar. That is, when I invite someone, the invitation does get put into their calendar. This notification just lets them know that it has happened.
            notification.dav.enableimipemailnotif=false is the config that decides whether such notifications for event/task invitation should include the actual ics content too. If enabled, users who choose notifications will have the ics content in their emails that can be interpreted by ical aware clients and even used for responding from the mail client itself.
            This needs to be enabled in addition to the first two for this feature to work.

            Hope this helps!
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              What is "davcore.autocreate.enableemailnotification"? Doc says: "Enable email notification, for this account." What account?
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                Yu Chen-Oracle
                The davcore.autocreate.* are system-wide configurations, that specify the default settings for an account to be autocreated. I guess the wording can be improved?
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                  AH, that makes sense now. Yes, the wording needs improvement.
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                    FYI, setting notification.dav.enableimipemailnotif=true is a bad idea. Lightning doesn't handle the imip messages correctly if it hasn't refreshed the user's caldav calendar.
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                      But that also means no clients can make use of their iMIP awareness to allow users to respond to invitations from mail clients.
                      BTW, we re-did our page on notifications. Would appreciate your feedback - https://wikis.oracle.com/display/CommSuite/Using+Calendar+Server+7+Notifications

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                        I filed a bug with lightning: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=757917

                        I would appreciate it if you could take a look and comment as to whether this is the correct solution to the problem.
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                          Sound good. I would think in general, the client would want to sync before a store, if online.