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    Resources only freed when call to OracleConnection.ClearAllPools() is done


      We have a .Net windows service running 24/7. However, after changing from .net 2.0 to .net 4.0 and changing from ODP 10.X.X.X to ODP version ( we have some resource problems whose symptoms are increasing mem usage and longer data management times (most probably spent by the windows service and not by oracle db server). The longer data management times is not caused by swapping.

      I am pretty sure that I dispose all IDisposables when possible (connection, transaciont, command, parameters and dataadapter), so it is most probably not this, however I cannot be sure that all my IDisposables are disposed (anyone knows how I can check that by the way?)
      Now if I from time to time call the OracleConnection.ClearAllPools(), it works fine. I have no problems.

      Anyone knows anything about that?

      Thanks in advance