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    Losing the will to live

      I am beginning to lose the will to live with Oracle.com

      I have not been a subscribing member for some years and have just logged back in today using my original credentials successfully. I have updated my Contact details and name, logged back out and then logged back in to check updates have stuck but nothings been changed !!

      Additionally I have tried in vain to update my email address but there is no way to do this under my account information. In the help it is saying the Change e-mail link should appear in the top right ....

      How do I change the e-mail address on my Oracle.com Profile?
      You can update the e-mail address on your account by logging in to the account and clicking on the link in the top right corner ‘Change E-mail’.

      Really? Well its certainly not appearing on my account page. I have tried Internet Explorer & Chrome. I could go ahead and create a new account but I rather try and sort this out.

      Any help would be appreciated
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          Just to be clear: you are logging into myprofile.oracle.com, correct?

          If so, please send a screenshot to otnfeedback_us@oracle.com.
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            Yes I am.

            Okay check you inbox


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              Timo Hahn
              To change the E-Mail you can refer to http://tompeez.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/changing-otn-notification-e-mail-address-aka-username/ and a couple of threads in this forum...

              Note: some changes need some time to be recognized by all systems. So if you don't see a change right away, just wait a day...

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                The problem here is that the instructions need to be updated. The relevant link is now called "Change Username", not "Change Email". For the purposes of MyProfile, these two things are synonymous.
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                  Okay that worked thanks :)

                  Incidentally I am using the Chrome browser and unknowingly pop-ups are blocked and the window to change the username (which is your email address in OTN) is a popup. So initially nothing was happening until I spotted the notification in the address bar indicating popups were being blocked!! A simple click on the notification icon in the address bar and I was able to allow popups from OTN.

                  See .... settings -> advanced settings -> content ........ in Chrome if you want to change this.