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    Adding Root-Level Webcat Folders

    Mark T.
      When working in Analytics, logged in as an admin, I can switch between the 'User View' and 'Admin View' of the folders by selecting from the dropdown list immediately below the Catalog tab.

      In Admin View, I can click to highlight Catalog Root, and I can use the 'New Folder' icon to create a new folder underneath it, so that the new folder is a sibling of Shared Folders and User Folders. It's visible in Catalog Manager, it's visible in the file system. I've set the permissions to Full Control for Authenticated User.

      My question: is that folder actually useable? Even though I can see it a bunch of other ways, the 'Save As' dialog doesn't seem to know that it exists, because I can't select it. Neither can I see it using the Open icon. Neither is it visible in the Catalog in User View. It exists, but Answers doesn't seem to be able to see it.

      The goal is to have one root-level folder for each of our subsidiary companies (we're the parent company). Our desire is to not give access to "Shared Folders" to any of those subsidiaries, but to let them have their own root-level folder.

      So again, we can set up a folder under Catalog Root. But is there really any point in doing so?

      Working in on Windows.
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          Hi Mark,

          As per my understanding and observation, System,Shared and Users folders only have been the OBIPS favorites from 10g.

          I remembering pasting my dashboards directly under root (/) folder and running though all of my dashboards looking for it. Even the documentation http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/bi.1111/e10541/prescatadmin.htm#CJGHBGEG (Even in 10g even if I remember correctly) talks about these three folders only.

          So, as per me having a sibling of Shared/Users/System folder does not help (though the catalog allows it ;) and does the new catalog validator sniff this folder?? hhmm). However, in your case probably you may want to create separate root folders for each of your subsidiaries in shared folders itself and restrict them access to other subsidiary folders.

          Hope this helps and request our experts to add in their comments.

          Thank you,
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            Mark T.
            Thanks for the extra information, Dhar. It might very well be the case that we will be forced to do what we don't want to do, as you suggested "create separate root folders for each of your subsidiaries in shared folders itself". Of course, our goal was to avoid doing that very thing.

            Ya know, I guess it's possible that the OBIEE developers just never considered the idea of root-level folders (siblings of My Folders and Shared Folders) and therefore never thought about disabling the New Folder icon when Catalog Root is highlighted/selected in Admin Mode.

            But anyway, the question remains on the table: Even though we can create new root-level folders, is this functionality of any use, and if so, how can we truly use it?

            Thanks again, Dhar.
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              Fernando dRG

              Hi Mark,

              I just make your words my words.


              How to create a new Catalog Root folder and it appears to Consumers.

              I was configured ACL for BI Consumer Role but no one can see the new folder structure, unless Administrators.