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        The network bandwidth is poor, so network_link wont be a good option to pull the data.

        If I had a 1 day downtime , I could take a cold backup and recovered in New server, upgraded and switch apps to new server.

        But here my downtime is 4 hours.
        So day 1; I have to take a initial dump, Switch on applications, Import the backup to new server, run upgrade scripts.
        day 2; Take a incremental backup (switching apps off)., importing the incremental backup to new server and switching connectivity to new server (go-live) .

        So I was looking for some incremental option in expdp/impdp or exp/imp. The RMAN has incremental but since there is a migration from 32-64, and Oracle to it can have problems.
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          user13355115 wrote:

          What I mean is;

          Initially w'll take a exp dump and import in New Server.

          Later (within 1/2 days) we have to imp the additional/incremental data from the old server to sync the old/new servers.

          So how do we do that ??
          Pl re-read my post above - there is no way that I know of to take incremental exports as part of an upgrade process

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            Hi All,

            Then whats the solution when using exp/imp ?

            Or need to go back to Rman..?
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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              Pl see my post above - "If you are wanting to use exp/imp, then the downtime will be far longer than 4 hours"

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                Hi Srini,

                Can you provide me any other solution in this case. Appreciate if you can give the broad steps and necessary links..

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                  Srini Chavali-Oracle
                  There is no other solution I know other than what I have outlined above

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